Potential Symptoms Caused By Mold

MoldPicture this: an elderly couple owned a home that they no longer used because they downsized to something newer and smaller nearby. With plans to sell the house, it just sat empty for several months. Unfortunately, the elderly couple rarely, if ever, went over to check to see if the house was alright. Eventually, the pipes burst and water started flooding the house. As the outside temperatures warmed up, guess what covered the walls and floors of the place? Mold. Lots of it. Before they could see their home, they had to remove hold from their home.

Thankfully, no one lived at this house while the mold grew unabated. However, many people today live in homes where mold is, indeed, a problem and should be removed. What are some ailments mold can cause if it’s not properly dealt with and removed from a home?

Well, a lot of people are sensitive to mold and experience health problems because of their exposure to it. For instance, stuffy noses, irritable eyes, wheezing and skin rashes may occur. Over time, shortness of breath, fever, and lung diseases caused by mold exposure can really mess with a person’s ability to live their life.

For those already dealing with asthma, mold exacerbates their respiratory challenges. Indeed, moldy homes tend to have otherwise healthy people coughing, wheezing, blowing their nose often, and feeling sick. Common symptoms of mold exposure also include anxiety, insomnia, memory loss, dizziness, and even the loss of appetite.

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