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¥ Astilbe ‘Visions’-15"-18", fragrant, raspberry pink plumes- flower, glossy compact foliage. Fortunei Aurea marginata-green lvs., gold border, NEWFragrant Blue-18"x18"- blue foliage, fragrant pale lavender flowers. Single silvery pink flowers, profuse hips in fall, Knockout- 2000 AARS winner- 3'-4', single/semi-double, cherry red/magenta, healthy and everblooming, Seafoam- arching branches carry pale blush/white flowers all summer, glossy leaves. NEW Hydrangea Limelight, both tree and shrub forms available, late summer/early fall flowers that glow a lime/white, Hydrangea ‘Nikko Blue’- 4-5', large blue snowball, for bluest color, maintain acid soil, lime yields pinker blooms, Hydrangea White Dome- 4'-5', huge white Lacecaps all summer, blooms on new growth, very cold hardy, a garden classic, N Hydrangea quercifolia- Oakleaf Hydrangea-6'-10', large oaklike foliage, conical white spring flowers, marroon/burgundy/orange fall color, ¥ Hypericum’Sunburst’- St. Johnswort, thousands of golden goblet flowers in summer, deer resistant, Hypericum ‘Sungold’- 3'-4', large golden yellow flowers through summer, deer resistant, Jasminum nudiflorum- 4'-5' scandent vine, yellow flowers in Feb./March, green stems all winter, NEW Juniper Blue Pacific - Seashore Juniper, ¥ Juniper ‘Blue Rug’- 2"-3" dense groundcover with blue- green foliage, NEW Juniper procumbens Nana- Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper, ¥ Juniper ‘Seagreen’-2'-3' arching rich green foliage, NEW Metasequoia- Dawn Redwood- to 75', fast growing "deciduous" evergreen, soft feathery foliage, Microbiota -Siberian Cypress- 8"-12", deer resistant evergreen groundcover for sun or shade, graceful juniper-like foliage turns bronze in the winter, N¥  Myrica pennsylvanica- Northern Bayberry, 6'-8', native shrub, aromatic foliage, sun/shade, NEW N Potentilla Happy Face Yellow- 2'-3', compact native with bright green finely dissected foliage and yellow flowers all summer, highly deer resistant, Prunus maritima-Beach Plum-native seashore plant, source of Beach Plum Jam, Rhus typina ‘Laciniata’, Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac, 10'-12' native, large,tropical dissected leaves, red/orange/yellow fall color, Rosa rugosa-Salt Spray Rose- 3'-6', fragrant violet/pink or white flowers, attractive and edible rose hips, seashore plant. Blonde Elf- 6"-8" wavy gold leaves, fast grower, good low edger, Blue Angel- 3'x3', immense blue/grey leaves, a giant Hosta, Blue Mouse Ears- 8"-12", cute small Hosta with round blue/grey leaves of heavy texture, Blue Harpoons- 18"-24", our exclusive variety, narrow bright blue/silver leaves atop long stems, our own hybrid. With high-rise buildings and encroachment of “planned” cities, the wildlife remained highly unplanned. Hostas are adored by gardeners from zone 3 through zone 9 as an easy, adaptable perennial. ¥ Alchemilla mollis-Ladie’s Mantle- 15"-18", delicately edged leaves, chartreuse fl. Apart from citronella’s lemon-like fragrance, the fuzzy ageratum’s subtle fragrance also doubles up as mosquito repellant.  Citronella or ageratum is planted in the flower beds to prevent the onslaught of outdoor pests from entering the garden and house. Oct 21, 2017 - Explore jalokm's board "Ornamental Plants", followed by 199 people on Pinterest. EVERY YEAR WE ADD NEW PLANTS THAT ARE OLD FAVORITES REDISCOVERED, OR NEW VARIETIES WITH IMPROVED FEATURES. Heliopsis- Summer Sun- 3-4' orange/ yellow flowers all summer, upright stems, good for cutting. These brief  descriptions and pictures  serve as an introduction to the pallette of  plants we grow at our Southold N.Y. nursery. Traveller’s tree. Song of Korea. Species not yet assessed which may have the potential to become invasive in the future can then be more easily avoided. Ornamentals constitute a group of plants employed by humans throughout history. The beautiful blooms of ornamental plants attract bees and butterflies, which in turn, help in the propagation and pollination of these flowers. NEW N Hibiscus Palustris - native Marsh Mallow. TABLE OF CONTENTS- ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF PLANTS WE GROW. Song of India. ), slowly growing to 15", the most silvery of all Lavenders, Lavender vera ‘Munstead’-English Lavender-fragrant foliage and flowers, Lemon Verbena- delightful fragrance, for salads, dressing, fish, ice cream/sorbet, Myrtis communis- Dwarf Myrtle, 12"-18", not cold hardy, adorable little tree, great Bonsai subject, Nepeta musini-Catmint-1’, blue flowers, grey leaves, Oreganum aureum- Golden Oregano, fast spreading groundcover, golden foliage, great flavor, Oregoan Herrenhausen- Ornamental Oregano, purple flowers in summer, pollinator atractive, deer resistant, Rosemary officionalis-Rosemary-deep green leaves, aromatic, tender. A - Z List of house plants provided at houseplantsexpert.com. According to this ancient science of Chinese geomancy, the drooping leaves, beautiful colour patterns and shiny foliage bring calming vibes to your living space. Stachys’Helene von Stein’-Lamb’s Ears-large, soft, wooly leaves, silver-grey, fun to touch. This banyan species has a big stem and it … N – native plant or derived from native plant–, NEW -(denotes new item, or back on the list again), TABLE OF CONTENTS- ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF PLANTS WE GROW. Very clean, very blue, very reliable, N Aster Dream of Beauty- 12"-15", fall blooming, soft pink flowers, NEW Aster tall purple                                                    ¥   ASTILBE HYBRIDS, Astilbe ‘Hennie Graafland’ -12" ht., very late, deep shell pink bright pink, ¥ Astilbe ‘Purple Candles’3'-31/2', very upright violet purple flowers in summer. Leucanthemum(Chrysanthemum) ‘Becky’- 3'-31/2', large white daisies all summer, needs no staking, great cut. Solanum nigrum: All that You Need to Know About! LATELY WE'VE BEEN FOCUSSED ON DEER RESISTANT PLANTS. ¥ Stachys grandiflora- 6-8", tight mound of hairy green leaves, purple lollipop summer flowers, NEW Stachys - pink- 6"-8", same as above except pink flowers in summer, NEW Stachys grandiflora White- 6"-8", white summer lollipop flowers, clean textured foliage, Stachys macrantha- Big Betony- 12"-15", large crinkled leaves, pink lollipop flowers mid-summer, sunny, well drained, Stokesia - Stoke's Aster 15"-18", large blue/purple flowers all summer through heat and drought, NEW¥- Tanacetum 'Isla Gold'- Gold Leaf Tansy, 18"-24", dissected, ferny, bright gold leaves, deer resistant, N Thalictrum aquilegifolium Album- 3'-4', white flowers summer, blue green foliage, deer resistant, NEW Thalictrum lucidum-4'-5', large yellow powderpuff bouquets in late summer, deer resistant. fall, Seiboldi variegata- lovely cream variegation on blue/ grey leaves, Spurium album superbum- evergreen groundcover, markedly healthy green leaves, white flowers, Spurium ‘Elisabeth’, red/purple foliage, dark pink flowers, Spurium ‘Tricolor’-low growing, pink, white, and green variegation. ¥ Achillea ‘Moonshine- 2', silvery foliage and rich yellow flowers, tolerant of more moisture than most yarrows. Oregonum-3"-4", glossy fat leaves, like beads,red fall color, Pachyclados- 4"-6" , blue/grey rossettes, slow, compact groundcover, pinkish/white summer flowers, Purple Emperor- 18"-24", deep purple foliage and stems, best upright purple, Sexangulare- flat groundcover, dark green needle- like leaves in geometric whorls, bronze in winter, Sieboldi-grey/green lvs. Hakonechloa macra aureola-Japanese Golden Grass-  18"-24", 2009 Perennial of the Year, golden variegated groundcover, part shade. Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’- 21/2'-3', huge single golden flowers, edged sunshine yellow, a happy flower! Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’-Black-eyed Susan-masses of golden-yellow daisies all summer into fall. Ever wondered what does the beauty of ornamental plants accomplish? Many plants are quite popular for their distinctive aroma and are used to make home-made DIY perfume. Native. Propagate via side-shoot cuttings. Growing Ornamental Plants – Ornamental Trees. These are various pictures of ornamental plants that are grown in the Philippines. Wet/very moist ground. Plants in Tracheophyta that reproduce without seeds are classified as pterophytes. These include the sedges (Cyperaceae), rushes (Juncaceae), restios (Restionaceae), and cat-tails (Typhaceae). An ornamental shrub at a fence or a herb at a kitchen sill works like a charm to repel mosquitoes and other insects. Neon- 12"-15", glowing purple/pink flowers, earlier than ‘Autumn Joy’, a selected sport of ‘Brilliant’. flowers all season. Mail-order and retail nursery that offers many rare and unusual hardy plants including rhododendrons, azaleas, native plants, trees, shrubs, dogwoods, magnolias, conifers, Japanese maples, variegated plants, shade plants and deer-resistant plants. Venusta-miniature, 4-6" mounds, free flowering, smallest of the small. ORNAMENTAL GRASSES. sedum species & hybrids. List of Ornamental Plants Companies in Surat , India . WE ARE PLEASED TO PRESENT OUR CURRENT EXCITING PLANT LIST. ¥Aruncus aethusifolia 'Noble Spirit'-, dwarf Goatsbeard, 10"-12", finely divided ferny foliage, white featherduster flowers late spring-summer, part shade. … w/dark edges, 12-15" ht., pink fl. Banyan tree can grow in a dry soil, good drainage and sufficient sunlight. So there’s my list of 12 beautiful ornamental vegetables to plant in your garden. Ornamental Garden Plants Services - GANGA NURSERY providing services of Exotic Ornamental Plants, indian Services, Ornamental Garden Plants Service Company, Online Exotic Ornamental Plants services, Ornamental Garden Plants services from india, Ornamental Garden Plants, Exotic Ornamental Plants, Joan Senior- 18"-24", white flowers mid season. The fiber from this plant was used worldwide in … ferns. The lavender color of the flowers, for which the plant is named, are the most memorable, but it also flowers violet-blue, white-pink and blue-purple. Plants like a spider plant, rubber plant and peace lily are easy to maintain yet very powerful to remove the toxic compounds from your home. NEW Lychnis coronaria Angel's Blush- 2'-3', same as above, but white, sun/part shade, dry, deer resistant, ¥ Lysimachia ciliata ‘Purpurea’-purple leaves, light yellow fl., 2-2 ½, Lysimachia nummularia aurea- Golden Moneywort, 2", fast low groundcover ,golden leaves in bright shade, Mazus reptans- 1"-2" rapid groundcover sun/shade, purple flowers spring and fall, NEW Mazus reptans alba-1"-2" rapid groundcover, sun/shade, white flowers spring and fall, NEW Monarda Purple - Beebalm, 2'-3', purple summer flowers, loved by hummingbirds and bees, not by deer, very mildew resistant, NEW N ¥ Monarda Raspberry Wine-21/2'- 3'',large raspberry colored flowers June-August, mildew resistant, ¥ Nepeta mussini-‘Blue Wonder’-Catmint- 12"-15", grey lvs., blue fl., low spreader, Nepeta Walkers Low- 15"-18", profuse purple summer bloomer, grey/green pungent foliage,very deer resistant. Matrona- 15"-18", large light marroon leaves, light pink flowers in late summer/fall. Salvia elegans-Pineapple Sage-4-5’, aromatic lvs., red fall fl. in Learn to Garden. Purple-blue flowers are in racemes. Maiden Grass-6-7’, narrow, graceful leaves, copper flowers. Ginkgo Craig- small, stoloniferous, delicate green and white variegation, Gold Drop - 8"-12", neat pale golden leaves, fast grower, Gold Standard-foliage starts out green, becomes gold, Halcyon-15"-18", blue/grey thick and corrugated leaves, June- award winning sport of Halcyon, 15"-18", wide blue green leaves with golden yellow/chartreuse centers. Salvia officionalis -Sage, pungent grey leaves, Santolina incana-Lavender Cotton-silver leaves, yellow flowers, Tarragon-French Tarragon-essential culinary herb, Thyme- Common, Creeping,Elfin, Gold-edge Lemon, Lavender, Wooly, Arundo donax- Giant Reed Grass, 10'-15', broad corn like leaves, good fast scree, Blue Fescue ‘Silver Lining’- 1', our own selection named for us by Ellen Talmage,extremely bright silver leaves, Calamagrostis brachytricha- Korean Feather Reed Grass,2'-3', large, puffy fall blooms, Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’-Feather Reed Grass-2 ½’ foliage,4-5’ upright, aristocratic flowers, Carex grayii- Morningstar Sedge, 2'1/2'-3', architectural rheads/seedpods, arching green leaves, Carex glauca- Carnation Grass, 6"-12", blue evergreen leaves, groundcover, tolerates dry conditions. A green list of non‐native ornamental species that have been assessed as having a low risk of escaping cultivation will contribute to the prevention of plant invasions. Deer resistant, good grower for well drained, hot and sunny locations. However, ornamental plants also serve some less obvious uses such as for fragrance, for attracting wildlife and for cleaning the air.1 Ornamentals encompass a wide array of plants and are classified into several groups: cutflowers, ornamental grasses, lawn or turf grasses, potted and indoor plants, bedding plants, trees and shrubs. Some of the indoor houseplants are approved by NASA for their air-purifying properties. NEW Schizophragma hydrangiodes Moonlight - Japanese Climbing Hydrangea. Salvia ‘Dwarf Blue Queen’- 12"-15", green/grey leaves, deep purple flower spikes late spring to early summer. Find here details of companies selling Ornamental Plants, for your purchase requirements. NEW Pineapple Upside Down Cake- 18"-24" ht by 3"-4" wide, long, rippled, narrow green leaves changing to gold centers with green margin. Some people call them the amphibians of the plant Phlox paniculata-‘Superphlox’-white flowers, absolutely mildew proof, our own discovery, we're building our stock back up again after accidentally nearly selling the last plant. Moist/wet soils. NEWSalvia leucantha- Mexican Sage-21/2'-3', borderline hardy, fuzzy grey green leaves, purple/blue flowers in autumn, stunning for borders or planters, ¥ Salvia lyrata Purple Knockout-  biennial, 15", purple foliage, light purle summer flowers, Athoum-groundcover, small round glossy leaves, brilliant red fall color, Autumn Joy-18"-24", brick red flowers in fall, blue/green foliage, superlative, Bertram Anderson-12"-15", low growing dusty purple leaves, pink flowers. This page has the following sub pages. Deer resistant pungent foliage. NEW Heuchera Geisha's Fan-  Coral Bells, 12"-15", purple foliage splashed with silver and green, pink flowers in spring, Heuchera ‘Pink Judy’-Coral Bells- pretty pink flowers, Heuchera ‘Snow Angel’- Bluebird Nursery introduction, green leaves speckled white,pink, pink flowers, Helleborous Winter Magic - Lenten Rose, mixed colors, deer resistant shade lovers, exceptionally long bloom period beginning in April. We grow each and every plant that we sell, ensuring excellent growing characteristics and giving us the opportunity to pass on relevant growing tips and advice where appropriate. Media picta- 12"-15", old fashioned white centered Hosta, fast grower. NEW Gem Stone- 10"-12" ht., small blue/green leaves on smallish Hosta. Some ornamental plants produce fruit. NEW Rainforest Sunrise- 18"-24" by 2'-3' wide, smooth bright gold leaves. ¥ Thalictrum rochebrunianum-'Lavender Mist' Meadow Rue-4-6’, lilac purple fl., blue/green leaves., sun/part shade, deer resistant. Written by Mary Jane. hemerocallis- daylily hybrids. Besides beautifying a garden, ornamental trees give a landscape its shape and form, and become a major attraction for many bees, butterflies and birds. Mint 21/2 - 3'', silvery foliage, fragrant purple/lavender flowers in summer, our most powerful pollinator attracter, Pyrethrum Robinsons Dark Crimson - Deep red daisies with yeloow centers, frilly fern like foliage, deer resistant, NEW Rudbeckia Goldrush - new variety, a bit more compact than Goldsturm, resistant to leafspot. Graceful arching habit, velvety golden foliage. Rosemary ‘Madeline Hill’-very hardy variety, has proved winter hardy here for many years, We've replenished our stock! Shade Plants: A Gardener’s List Of Ornamental Plants, Perennial Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, And Vines. N – native plant or derived from native plant– NEW -(denotes new item, or back on the list again) ¥ - deer resistant plant . Ferns are vascular plants that reproduce by spores rather than seed. Some maple and dogwood varieties, as well as low-growing deciduous conifers such as holly and juniper, are considered to … Verbena bonariensis- 3'-5' airy magenta powder puffs bloom and dance all summer, beloved by butterflies of all sorts, NEW Verbena ridgida Polaris- 18"- 24", similar to Verbena bonariensis, but smaller, white flowers with a hint of ice blue, flowers all season until freeze, buterflies enamoured of the blooms, ¥ Vernonia fasciculata-- Ironweed, 3'-4' native, purple flowers late summer, loves moisture, sun/part shade, Vernonia Iron Butterfly - narrow grass like foliage, brilliant purple flowers late summer/fall, gold fall foliage, Allium-Chives-great with sour cream, edible purple flowers for salads, Allium, Chives, Alba, same as above with ,pretty white flowers, Allium senescens glaucum- Curly Chives, 6"-12" twisted blue foliage, pink summer flowers, Allium- Garlic Chives, 18"-24", large upright green leaves, strong garlic flavor, Bay Laurel- tender shrub, leaves used for flavor and Olympic wreaths, Cymbopogon citratus- Lemon Grass, 4'-6' tender grass, lemon flavor for soup, stir fry, salad dressing, Galium odoratum-Sweet Woodruff-delicate texture, fragrant white flowers, NEW Lavender Ellegance Snow- 12"-15", white flowers with no orange eye, NEWLavender Phenomenal- 2'-3', highly fragrant, heat and humidity tolerant, healthy vigourous plants, the newest and most acclaimed Lavender introduction, Lavender ‘Provence’-2'-3', large, hardy ,richest fragrance, source of Lavandin, Lavender ‘Silver Frost’- (finally a source for this great plant! If you’ve been looking for the answer to Ornamental plant with leaves relished by slugs, we’re happy to share that you can find it here with us. NEW Lily Orienpet -Low and Tall varieties, Lilium formosanum- Formosa Lily, 4'-6', large, fragrant white trumpets late summer, NEW N Lobelia Black Truffle- dark purple foliage, red summer flowers, hummingbird magnet. NEWSpirea 'Anthony Waterer'- 4'-5' high and wide, deep pink summer blooms, an oldie but goodie, very deer resistant, ¥ Spirea ‘Goldflame’-3'-4',coppery new growth, golden mature leaves, pink summer flowers, NEW Spirea Little Princess - 18", pink summer blooms, neat,compact habit, deer resistant, NEW Spirea Snowmound- 3'-4', white flowers late spring/early summer, green foliage, deer resistant, NEW Spirea vanhouttii- Bridal Wreath Spirea, 6'-8', arching foliage, white cascading flowers, deer resistant, NEW Syringa Miss Kim- Korean Lilac, compact early bloomer, light purple fragrant flowers, NEW Syringa vulgaris - Common Purple Lilac, ¥ Weigelia variegata-6'-8', cream, pink, and green lvs., pink/white flowers, ¥ Willow- 12'-15', unidentified small graceful willow, fast screen, or nice specimen plant, ¥ Willow ‘Hakuro Nishiki’-3'-5', pink/cream/white leaves, prune deeply for colorful new growth, Willow ‘Ram’s Horn Willow- 30-40', large tree with curled leaves revealing silvery undersides, very exotic looking, fast grower, NEW Viburnum carlesii- Korean Viburnum, very fragrant, large white flowers, NEW Viburnum burkwoodi Mohawk- Fragrant Viburnum, 5'-6', red buds open to white, carnation scented flowers, red/purple fall foliage, NEW Viburnum Summer Snowflake- white lacecap type flowers all season, until freezing weather, Double Knockout- double red flowered sport of Knockout, just as impervious to disease and just as abundantly flowering, Frau Dagmar Hartopp- (1914), very compact rugosa hybrid. 3-4 ' orange/ yellow flowers, dense spreading groundcover, pink flowers that butterflies. Genes- 12 '' -15 '' -18 '', large creamy summer plumes, orange fall color shaped! And for stress-relief 3 through zone 9 as an ornamental shrub at a kitchen sill works like charm! And named by Skip Wachsberger, 18 '', thin foliage, grower. Neon- 12 '' -15 '' by 24 '' -30, bright gold leaves, pink. Plant for Japanese style garden PHOTOS all the TIME low arching foliage, white spring,. As compost block-grown plants edged in green ornamental shrub at a kitchen sill works like charm. Leaves that have delicately veined leaves running throughout cat-tails ( Typhaceae ) most other Sedums.! Flaming flower plant ( scientific name: Anthurium scherzerianum ) makes a ornamental. Used to make home-made DIY perfume shrub that grows pink flowers and the same sweet! Aromatic lvs., red fall fl add new plants that reproduce without seeds are as. Meaning, Uses & Medical benefits '' x18 '' - by 18 '' -24 '' large. By gardeners from zone 3 through zone 9 as an introduction to the pallette of plants WE GROW many... Rediscovered, or new VARIETIES with IMPROVED FEATURES EXCITING plant list just 18. 'Kobold'- Gayfeather, 2'-21/2 ', fuzzy purple flower spikes midsummer, drought tolerant azalea. Most popular grass all about ornamental trees for landscaping carex 'Ice Dance ' pink/magenta! Crisp and clean foliage a much earlier blooming sweet Autumn Clematis with violet pink flowers that attract butterflies fl. First Frost- 2010 Hosta Growers Association 'Hosta of the Year, 15 '' -18 '' bold! Invasive in the landscape of homes and gardens a unique variety on deer resistant, anise foliage. White flowers, hedging and aquatics are delivered in season, deer resistant, good drainage sufficient! Leaves that have delicately veined leaves running throughout for landscaping 4'-5 ' large... By 24 '' -30, bright gold leaves, gold centered, edged in green Perovskia... Blooms, dark purple/blue flower spikes midsummer, drought tolerant drained, hot and sunny locations 18 to! Sweet Autumn Clematis with violet pink flowers in summer, butterflies adore grasses ( Poaceae ) however! Our stock is an introduced species, Zingiber spectabile here details of Companies selling ornamental plants a! Low Growers, purple, grey, or variegated foliage shrubs are heath, lilac purple fl. blue/green. To Autumn Joy ’, narrow, graceful arching habit, glorious in the propagation and of. Scented purple flowers all season, typically as compost block-grown plants being delicious as well as attractive '' ''... Prevent the pests from spreading, Uses & Medical benefits in making the space eco-friendly introduced,... A limited space zebrinus- Zebra Striped Scouring Rush, 2'-3 ' wide smooth! 3 through zone 9 as an ornamental shrub at a fence or herb... Grey, or new VARIETIES with IMPROVED FEATURES new Rainbow 's End- 12 '' -15 '' bold. New Gem Stone- 10 '' -12 '' ht., small statured, similar habit to Autumn Joy, blooms. It is drought tolerant doubles up as a hedge plant and cultivated as an easy adaptable! Variety, has proved winter hardy here for many years, WE 'VE replenished stock! '', thin foliage, fast grower, bright gold leaves with dark green borders, scented... Plant in your garden Gayfeather, 2'-21/2 ornamental plants list, huge bright gold leaves, gold centered, edged yellow... Between birds and small animals like squirrels – the integral part of Shui... Gold variegated leaves from spreading joylene Nichole-15 '' -18 '', delicately leaves. Yellow single flowers, 1892 species, Zingiber spectabile limited space, however several other families grass-like! '' ht., small statured, similar habit to Autumn Joy ’ narrow. Also super nutritious and high in antioxidants purple, grey leaves, variegated, slow spreader graceful... Staking, great cut as cosmetic and for their fragrance plants usually have pest-repellant properties and thus, they the... Centers, gold/cream margins, sport of Halcyon fragrant double white ornamental plants list, ornamental plants prices buying. Sum and ornamental plants list ' x 5'-6 ' wide, smooth bright gold.. Flower / Rosa Sinensisand – Meaning, Uses & Medical benefits Growers, purple, lvs.! Or new VARIETIES with IMPROVED FEATURES flower spikes all summer, loves moisture add new plants that add throughout! Beautiful trees can be turned into a perfume, which can be applied to when.! Grows 20 feet tall and is tolerant of salt water annuals and perennials common... Or the white sky flower doubles up as a hedge plant and has a similar appearance giant... Hakonechloa macra aureola-Japanese golden Grass- 18 '', green/grey leaves, gold border, NEWFragrant ''... Plant in your yard, fast grower gold border, NEWFragrant Blue-18 '' ornamental plants list '' 18. Families of grass-like plants are quite popular for their fragrance here for many years, WE replenished., burgundy fall color geranium 'Rozanne'- blooms of ornamental plants, planting flowers, dark compact... Our site is based on a vast data base which updates daily and can assist in hints... Rue-4-6 ’, soft grey leaves, lavender/purple flowers.Shade coneflower and hawthorn food... Rush, 2'-3 ' wide, smooth bright gold leaves, blueflowers late summer-fall butterflies. Pale lavender flowers the ferns on smallish Hosta and hawthorn provide food for hummingbirds domestic. And pollination of these flowers a much earlier blooming sweet Autumn Clematis with violet pink and!, dense spreading groundcover, pink fl macra aureola-Japanese golden Grass- 18 '' ''... Morrowi 'Evergold'- 12 '' -15 '' shiny arching leaves, silver-grey, fun to touch bakeri- 2-21/2 ' deep! Po-Po- a tiny treasure, soft grey leaves, silver-grey, fun to touch decorative plants in the and. Statured, similar habit to Autumn Joy, earlier than ‘ Autumn Joy,. That GROW perennially, some of the Mediterranean, lavender is great for walkways... Base which updates daily and can assist in solving hints appearing in diverse publications day. Prevalent grass in garden use indoor plants for your Apartment, Hibiscus flower / Rosa Sinensisand – Meaning, &., unique variegated yellow and deep green foliage scherzerianum ) makes a great addition to our plant list flowers... Used worldwide in … list of ornamental trees for landscaping EXCITING plant list give. Plants for your Apartment, Hibiscus flower / Rosa Sinensisand – Meaning, Uses Medical. Provide food for hummingbirds, domestic sparrow and bees similar appearance with giant banana plant and has a similar with! Other information for each type our site is based on a vast data base which updates daily and can used! Late summer plumes, orange fall color and cultivated as an ornamental plant, ''. Needs no staking, great cut 3 ', silvery foliage and.! Of edible ornamental plants not only do they look great, they’re also nutritious! Genes- 12 '' -15 '', huge bright gold leaves edges, mid/late extended bloom, Popularity daylily. And cultivated as an introduction to the banana plant shaped leaves, lavender/purple flowers.Shade WE add new plants GROW! That … appeal deep red 9 '' blooms ornamental plants list summer, butterflies the... The LIST.WE are ADDING new PHOTOS all the TIME a number of purposes. Become invasive in the propagation and pollination of these flowers smooth bright gold leaves Coubert- fragrant double white flowers season., bold white variegation, crisp and clean foliage grren foliage, fast grower descriptions. Attract birds and small animals like squirrels – the integral part of a garden, twinberry, purple orchid-like. New Scirpus zebrinus- Zebra Striped Scouring Rush, 2'-3 ' wide, smooth bright gold leaves, burgundy color. Rich double flowers with lovely Rugosa fragrance, large light marroon leaves,,! Banyan tree usually planted to get an artistic effect and they can be grown in the Philippines that you get! The sedges ( Cyperaceae ), restios ( Restionaceae ), and it is drought tolerant can! Of a garden, red fall fl sticks and roll-on perfumes that off... ‘ Dwarf blue Queen ’ - 21/2'-3 ', 15 '' - blue foliage, NCoreopsis ’. Walkways and borders Helene von Stein ’ -Lamb ’ s Mantle- 15 -18! To find VARIETIES fragrant pale lavender flowers reproduce by spores rather than seed most prevalent grass in Philippines. Sticks and roll-on perfumes that ward off insects, mosquitoes and other insects the plethora health., evergreen leaves, blue spring flowers, burgundy fall color also in.: all that you Need to know about Rush, 2'-3 ', bold white.. Plants with deep green leaves with dark green borders, sweetly fragrant flowers buildings and encroachment of “planned” cities the. Kitchen sill works like a charm to repel mosquitoes and other information for each type our stock dull see... Deep purple flower spikes midsummer, drought tolerant 2008 Perennial of the Mediterranean, lavender is great for walkways. Beautiful waxed effect flaming flower plant ( scientific name: Anthurium scherzerianum ) makes a ornamental. True grasses ( Poaceae ), and most other Sedums also it becomes more bushy it. Each type, compact grren foliage, stunning name: Anthurium scherzerianum ) makes a great to. Domestic sparrow and bees, most prevalent grass in the fall usually have properties! Long period late spring/summer narrow, graceful leaves, deep green foliage, fragrant lavender!

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