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Our range includes biltong sticks, sliced biltong, chilli bites, original bites, dry wors, and beef jerky. For regular news, special offers and invitations from Susmans sign up here! Gym goers – great for a snack after those tough gym sessions Biltong helps replenish the body, repair and build muscles. At Susmans online biltong shop, we offer our famous South African sausage boerewors. We strive to produce the best traditional Biltong with genuine South African Biltong spice, as well as our own all natural spiced Biltong, our ‘Hot Tong’ recipe and a growing range of other hand made products. Choose from our best biltong range, South African beef boerewors, South African beef jerky and our original beef droewors! Welcome to The Biltong Company. OUR LATEST NEWS. We all like tasty biltong, using traditional biltong recipe guarantees wonderful flavours. not visit our shop in Newhaven to browse our extensive range of biltong and Choose a biltong delivery by shopping online today or why Experience the best biltong in the uk right now! Best Biltong Biltong and Drywors Combo 1kg is perfect for sharing. The flavours are incredible!!!!! The focus on quality when it comes to sourcing and keeping the flavours simple (but delicious) means for me Ember is the best biltong uk product I have tried so far." WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON. Using a sharp knife, following the grain of the meat, cut into 1 inch (2.5cm) thick lengths and place … Topside or Silverside is perfect. By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept these cookies. From £3.00. Bad Boys Biltong was created out of a passion for great meat, superb flavours and an endeavour to improve bar snacks across the UK. What a year it’s been for us all, one we could never expect. Best Biltong Woking. Biltong in South London. A combination of 500g Traditional, sliced Biltong and 500g Traditional Drywors. 387 likes. Biltong Cutters. We make biltong We make hand made biltong and drywors using the finest grass fed British and Irish beef using spices imported from South Africa. We primarily started out making and supplying biltong but have since expanded into a full South African range of beef jerky, droewors, boerewors, braais, biltong hampers and tasty sweets and savoury snacks. What is biltong? High in protein with a low fat content, it also helps with muscle maintenance, making the perfect post gym snack. Diets – high in protein low in carbs making it great for a wide variety of diets perfect for a keto diet. Best Biltong Woking supplies the local community with fresh biltong, drywors, boerewors and various braai meats as well as imported South African foods Custom Made in Pine or Oak. Bought your made biltong 1kg pack now for a second time and oh my god how tasty it is! Smally’s biltong provides a nutritious, healthy alternative to crisps, chips, chocolate bars, cake and all the other lovely things we crave. Biltong can be incorporated into any lifestyle you choose. 3744219 | VAT No. Our best biltong is produced from the highest quality grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef cattle. 09-04-2019 08:40. in Lifestyle. Unit A - Rich Industrial Estate | Avis Way - Newhaven | East Sussex - BN9 0DU, Company Registration No. Best Biltong. By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept these cookies. October 16, 2020 June 5, 2019 by Admin. UK biltong company claims to make the best biltong in the world Is this even possible? From £3.00. drying. Each biltong is hand cut by our butchers then spiced with a secret family recipe. Here at Susmans we use only the highest quality grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef cattle and Wild Venison Haunches. Biltong is an air-dried meat snack full of protein and flavour. A 2020 Reflection. Browse through our full range of products at our South African shop online today! What is Biltong? and Biltong USA, making the company the sole owner of all U.S.D.A.-inspected biltong facilities in the U.S. © Susmans Best Beef Biltong Co Ltd (1985-2020). Made at home to order, our Biltong is made using only quality herbs and spices to create five amazing flavours that all the family can enjoy. I wanted to purchase the Biltong Maker from a company in the UK, as this makes getting spare parts easier. It's the best biltong in the UK. Our Biltong is hand made using the finest quality beef in a variety of different types and flavours. Each biltong is hand cut by our butchers then spiced with a secret family recipe. WELCOME TO BRITISH BILTONG. For regular news, special offers and invitations from Susmans sign up here! Smally's Biltong: Original, High Protein Beef Snack, Ready to Eat, Gluten Free, 250g. Traditional Biltong Recipes. by Caryn Edwards. If you're not looking to buy biltong, then worry not as we stock a huge variety of South African groceries and alcoholic beverages, including traditional South African wines, cereals, sweets and soft drinks. A fusion between South African flavour and the best British Beef. Buy boerewors online at Susmans Biltong and have them delivered direct to your door! Susmans Biltong best droewors are made from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef and wild venison and then spiced with a secret family recipe. WELCOME TO THE BEST PLACE TO BUY BILTONG ONLINE. We recommend using Silverside or Topside cuts as these cuts of beef work well. 436 0719 56. As we close our doors on 2020, it’s time to reflect. Biltong. These Voucher Code and deals can then be redeemed through the official website of We marinade our biltong in spices that are rich in coriander, salt, pepper and vinegar before slow drying for three days – made simply to get consistent every time. Traditionally, biltong was prepared during winter, because the cold, dry air gave the best and safest drying results. Our boerewors sausages are available in a range of tasty flavours for you to choose from including garlic boerewors, cheese boerewors, and peri-peri boerewors. © Susmans Best Beef Biltong Co Ltd (1985-2020). (1) Biltong is high in protein and creatine, low in carbohydrate and lean or fatty as you prefer, making it the perfect post workout snack. Enjoy four 32g pouches of delicious Spicy Chilli biltong. ABOUT US. I had a search online for a biltong … The Best BIltong Around Our Beef is locally sourced, cured, marinated and then air-dried. Choose from game droewors or beef droewors- flavoured with coriander, coarse salt and pepper along with a few secret spices. Your details will be kept secure and not shared with anyone. Being away from home there are an increasing number of options with regards to Biltong providers. For best Biltong St Marcus Discount Code, Coupon and discount offers, visit and check this page often. @Vix_star (Twitter) Join The @glosbiltong Conversation. Finely cut into sticks and slow dried for 5/6 days producing tender Lekker tasting biltong. Subscribe. UK based, we source the best cuts of prime beef available and use our own blendsof spices. Its flavor is richer and denser than cured meat. Spiced with our old family recipe, our tasty boerewors sausages are made from only pure muscle cuts. We stock a wide variety of biltong and dry wors products making The Biltong Company a carnivore’s paradise. Browse our ranges of Susmans best biltong online at our biltong shop, from game biltong to garlic biltong and spicy beef biltong, we have a flavour for everyone! It is: Low in fat (unless you go for our delicious fatty biltong) Low in carbohydrates for those of you on this new fangled keto diet; Low in sugar for those of us that need to stop eating spoonfuls of sugar (For overseas users these cuts come from the buttock of the animal) Slice the meat with the grain and use a very sharp carving knife for the best … Low in fat which makes it a good weight loss diet choice. Buy online from our online South African shop! Surbiton. I prefer using Amazon for most of my purchases, as the delivery is quick, and I can return items if they are broken. Biltong is not only tasty as a snack but is a great alternative to protein bars and shakes. 436 0719 56. • Buy BEEFit Biltong – Beef Jerky (Box of 10) for £16.99 at Amazon UK [Per pack] Protein: 17 grams | Fat: 1.8 grams | Sugar: 0.3 grams. Only the best. The most popular choice of biltong is our beef biltong but we also offer game biltong and a selection of protein pre-packs. Biltong Boxes. Nowadays, special biltong-drying machines are available, but you can also dry it in an electric oven on 40-70˚C for 4 hours, or under an electric lamp, or in a well-ventilated room. Earlier in 2018, Stryve acquired biltong makers Braaitime L.L.C. The Best Biltong Maker; Biltong Recipe. Beef biltong is usually the most popular choice but we also offer game biltong along with a selection of pre-packs. Biltong is an air-dried meat that can be made from various types and cuts of meat. Each box contains around £22 worth of product from just £17.95. Whether you visit our shop in Newhaven or shop online, you're guaranteed the best South African specialities every time you shop with us. 1kg Biltong, Tasty Traditional Beef Biltong, a Favourite South African Food, Dried Beef Snacks, Low Carb, Low Sugar, High in Iron, High Protein, Gluten Free, Healthy Snack by The Biltong … That's what makes our biltong packs so good! Biltong shack is the only one that I have found that not only is nutritious but has found the balance of spices and vinegar. Order biltong online today as a treat for yourself or to create a hamper for a biltong lover.

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