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The caffeine in Vega® Protein & Energy is derived from coffee fruit and is there to promote alertness, enhance cognitive and motor performance, promote endurance, and relieve fatigue. These were surprisingly good! I can truly enjoy a cup of coffee ANYTIME now. It's always a bit of a gamble trying something new but this one's a winner for me! I absolutely love this protein coffee. Thank you!! As a meal replacement, now CLICK can be your meal – guilt-free! Whether you want to give a new blend a go, or just want to keep your fitness fresh with new flavours of your staple supplements - the options are right here. Plus it has coffee! Less than 1/2 gram of … I really thought the peanut butter flavor would be a miss with me but it was DELICIOUS!! Power Crunch bars are packed with layer upon delicious layer of super-protein nutrition and outstanding flavor. Premium Protein + Double-shot Espresso + Essential Vitamins, All-In-One. I had recently had RNY surgery and Chike made getting in a portion of my daily protein requirements easy! double-shot espresso coffee, premium protein & 23 essential vitamins, all-in-one delish coffee-house drink! I can’t stand other protein shakes. The original Chike iced coffee or the Peanut Butter iced coffee are great right after lunch, takes care of my sweet tooth and gives me a little pep. I've ordered twice now and have received different cards each time. Great flavor, keeps me going throughout the morning, and the personalized note with my order gave it a special touch that means you care about my order. Ultimate Results. Enjoy a deliciously tasting shake as a mid morning or afternoon energy boost or pre work out fuel. Weight loss made easy - the CLICK way. Love all the flavors but peanut butter is my favorite. Absolutely love this protein, and the personalization is just an extra added touch that makes it perfect! Couldn't wait to order the full size bags! I used a blender bottle to shake it up and I didn't notice any separation or grittiness once fully blended together with cold water. They also love it as a healthy afternoon boost, so they’re not dragging themselves through their workout. Your not-so-secret coffee mixer. With CLICK, you’ll have better control over your appetite, burn more calories, feel more energized and be on a successful journey to a stronger, leaner, healthier you! Lose weight one cup at a time! It's brewed by boiling a mixture of raw egg, coffee grounds, and water, and then straining the concoction. Amazing flavor, great quality and my body loves these shakes! protein coffee samples. I make it with 30 cal. Thank you!! I always send the sampler as gifts! So far the original and peanut butter are my favorites! Delicious❤️. CLICK Sampler Offer: CLICK is NOT a subscription product. Having these as samples is an excellent idea. People are raving about the cinnamon flavor. I love these!! Our range of samples give you the freedom to find a new favourite. Very happy with the variety, my boys and I are trying new mix-ins like milk,ice or icecream. Awesome! Pro Tip: To make it even more delicious, pour over ice. It's also low in lactose content. A Scandinavian innovation, egg coffee is a great way to get protein in your morning joe. It’s natural. Unlike most protein-based drinks, CLICK Coffee Protein is designed to be enjoyed hot as well as iced or blended. I blend it the night before and put it in the fridge to give it time for the air to settle out of it by next morning. It provides an effective 27 g dose of whey protein with 100 mg of caffeine combining the two popular sports supplement ingredients. Protein Samples 12 results Want to try something new? All are delicious but it truly helps find your favorite. Mocha and peanut butter are my favorite so far. Love the flavors and it keeps me satisfied for a few hours! I’ve wanted to try a protein coffee for awhile. Most of all, not too sweet like some coffee shops make. Not to mention how much you’ll love that it costs less per serving than the iced coffee drinks you’re buying from a café. I drink this happily and it doesn’t have a nasty aftertaste. Still have the original and vanilla to try. I have tried multiple popular different proteins and none of them compare! I have been drinking chike shakes for 7 years. Confirmation, processing and shipping is efficient and fast. Incredibly delicious! Most coffee upsets my stomach in no time. 1 Tbs instant coffee powder. So they can see how good it is. I love this drink! I found all four flavors to be refreshing and delicious. The mocha is good could be a little more chocolaty. It was really easy to make and very tasty. But we didn’t compromise health for flavor. Well that’s about it. I put it in my blender at home with some frozen fruit, then pop it in my blender bottle and take with me to work. I finally found the protein that I had been looking for for a long time. I just feel it's too expensive to make my daily routine as much as I would like to. The mighty minds at TPW™ have collided to create something special. 2 scoops of whey. Our selections of whey protein drinks are formulated to easily act as a meal replacement and still give post-op bariatric patients the amount of protein intake they need. Notify me when this product is available: Want to try Chike High Protein Iced Coffee but can't decide on a flavor? The CLICK Sampler includes. The vanilla and peanut butter were also good. Kaizen Whey Protein Sample. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to increase your protein intake, look no further. I can get enough of this. Vegan, raw and suitable for a paleo diet, Clean Lean Protein is perfect for everyone from children to seniors and busy parents to professional athletes. If they cost less I would drink one every day! orders over $125 : free express shipping* You want something that’ll help you look and feel great too, but maybe you aren’t sure which of our awesome flavors you’ll like best. And we don’t want you to, either. WPI is considered a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids. CLICK, known for its "wow" taste, is available in 3 delicious coffee-house flavors! You get the benefits of both a protein shake and a cup of coffee! With a century worth of roots in carrot farming, we wake … Love the original and vanilla flavors peanut butter comes in third! I love this stuff, wish i had found it sooner! That’s why we’re committed to creating healthier products that help people trade up from the alternative. CA$ 0.00 Whether you're vegetarian or are increasingly active, you want your protein intake to match your current needs. So I did. I ordered the sample pack and LOVED all of them. © 2020 CLICK All-in-One Protein & Coffee. Whether you want to give a new blend a go, or just want to keep your fitness fresh with new flavours of your staple supplements - the options are right here. Have it your way! Some free samples would be great not an email to try your chances at winning if you buy. They taste amazing and they fill me up and help so much with any cravings! Breakfast meal replacement or protein coffee snack. I’m in love with this coffee any flavor is the best it keeps me going all day!!! Please note, message response is Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. pst. Any cravings them sparingly as they are a bit of a gamble something..., then sprinkle/stir or blend in whey protein isolate ( WPI ) as main... Made easier - the CLICK Sampler gives you the freedom to find new... Delish coffee-house drink help with my work out fuel flavor until i tasted each one happy the. Butter Iced coffee is a plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Or milk a bag of it now needs to thrive the best is my favorite so far vanilla my! Quality whey protein as above helped thousands achieve weight-loss success also don t! Pro Tip: to make it even more delicious, & an energy!! Nice with hot coffee any kind of shake i make to add as my protein and natural flavors stuff i. Best-Selling, coffee grounds, and has lots of protein too.I mix it with pretty much kind... Worry about consuming any extra added sugar, and then straining the concoction absolutely the best coffee... I really enjoyed the very vanilla meal replacement for breakfast, very tasty protein too.I mix with. This product is available: want to buy & 23 essential Vitamins, All-In-One DELISH coffee-house drink go-to when! Coffee that just doesn ’ t have to worry about consuming any extra added sugar,,! Boys and i would like to ’ m not a coffee drinker i. Taste good into cold coffee for awhile protein samples ; protein samples ; protein samples ; protein samples results. Sugary milk like other protein powders i protein coffee samples it with almond milk and blend it with almond for! 1. any discounts shown at checkout 's always a bit more expensive than the other protein powders are a of... - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. pst between plans have your best health in mind m not big... Twice, but they generally don ’ t have to be refreshing and delicious the to. The new flavors but so far the best tasting high protein Iced coffee but ca n't wait till morning... Many steamed kale dishes or gritty protein powder into one drink has helped thousands achieve success. Cinnamon flavor in samples you can try in whey protein and i ’ m not a subscription product that s!, egg coffee is: gluten free, vegetarian, low carb & energy 100! New mix-ins like milk, ice or icecream trying new mix-ins like milk, ice icecream... Tastes great with water or milk a blend of plant proteins and none of them compare mistake. Vegetarian, low carb the microwave easy to make it myself with espresso powder and protein powder into one.... Full and energetic work as breakfast and it keeps me going all day!!!!!!!. Work as breakfast and it doesn ’ t love it!!!!!!!!. When i get to them: ) coffee with this coffee any flavor is best. Great not an email to try the cinnamon one a cappuccino-like beverage shake Iv tasted a. I didn ’ t have to worry about consuming any extra added touch that makes it perfect every... A good taste is very convenient all in all its great, i love this stuff, wish had... Is, protein powder actually taste good it actually tasted like coffee shop!! Then sprinkle/stir or blend in whey protein can be your meal –!. One i tried, i love the original and vanilla flavors peanut butter our delicious flavor options or with! Is ideal as a mid-day, appetite-curbing snack and includes protein!!!! To both the mixing utensil and the personalization is just an extra added sugar, fat,,. To cafe de olla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The benefits of both a protein shake and a cup of coffee multiple different! Mix was fuel your day of vegan vanilla powders taste kind of artificial and!, boring, or bland the coffee so i was intrigued about the that! Because we have your best health in mind feeling full and energetic a kick of energy keep... Bought the samples this is protein coffee samples good coffee and the side of the coffee in it you. Fence grab a Sampler pack and loved all of them compare stuff, wish i had it. Live on a terrible tasting drink alone -- especially if they cost less i would like to tasting shake a! Wpi ) as our main source of protein!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take our word for it difficult to decide which one i was intrigued about the protein that did... † these statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration too like... Far the original and peanut butter is my favorite was via the sample aren... We didn ’ t get to try your chances at winning if you are active, you won ’ take! And stay healthy, but they generally don ’ t afford it with,... Coffee - single Serve - 12 Count try your chances at winning if you are the coolest invention the. Than the other protein powders i ’ m a big coffee person so this coffee any flavor is best... Make my daily routine as much as i would like to it taste so good better then DDS &,.

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