ground pork ramen

Cook the ramen noodles according to package directions. Ja ja men, taken from the word zhajiangmian which literally means fried sauce noodles, is a dish originally from China consisting of noodles and topped with ground pork cooked in a salty and savory sauce. // My sister who ran a daycare used to make this and … Something as simple as this dish of spicy pork ramen noodles (aka ja ja men) is prepared with care and attention and the same goes for anything else. The angel hair variety is the closest thing I’ve found to ramen and it’s really good! This was so delicious and easy to make!! I’ve made this recipe several times and it freezes well (add ramen later). In a medium bowl, whisk together beef stock, oyster sauce, rice wine vinegar and Sriracha. Yum Just made this for dinner tonight and loved it, even my husband liked it, and he doesn’t like much. Side not, I have shellfish allergy so I subbed the oyster sauce with same portion teriyaki and it seemed to work! It’s so great to hear that you and your family are enjoying these recipes. Top with ground pork, scallions and tomatoes. 2 (3.5-ounce) packages instant ramen noodles, flavor packets discarded. Makes enough for lunches the next day too! Yes, absolutely! (I also subbed chili-garlic sauce for the Sriracha, because it’s what I had, and it is so wicked good.) Ground pork makes a tasty alternative to chicken and a less expensive option to pork tenderloin. I made it for my husband and myself and the leftover was my lunch the next day. My family absolutely loved this and it wasn’t enough for a family of 4. I also did a low sodium organic tamari substitute for the oyster sauce as some others mentioned. Thank you, they ate a full dinner and then asked to take home the rest. A really flavourful broth with a secret ingredient for extra depth of flavour, ramen noodles, spicy pork … Quick, easy, tasty! Otherwise you could try freshly sliced jalapenos or Thai chiles . We promise never to share or market your email address. You have no idea how much I love a good stir fry. chicscript.type = 'text/javascript'; I used different noodles because I had extra in the fridge, worked just fine. I now keep jarred garlic and jarred ginger as staples in my refrig. It’s to die for! Thanks for sharing such delicious recipes My family loved this. I missed it so much! Ground Pork Ramen. Definitely not as good as some other recipes from this site. window.adthrive.cmd = window.adthrive.cmd || []; Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Very tasty, easy to modify. Rating… Discard the seasoning packages from the ramen and cook noodles 1 minute less than package directions call for. DeeDee: I don’t think Mona was putting you down, she was saying vegetable stock is a genius idea! Definitely a different flavor than we’re used to. Not Good Something like this would be an easy to do, cheap meal for anyone!! I tried this recipe yesterday but the only thing is that i personally do not like beef so in place of that i used chicken and believe me the was great. Hubby and I made two of your recipes tonight and it was a hit. I also added some veg that I had in the fridge from Hungry Root. I made this for dinner last night. Thank you for another wonderful recipe that I can actually make and that my whole family enjoys! How to make the ramen: Season the pork with the salt and pepper and place in the pan with the hot oil. Drain and oil lightly. I made it yesterday but used chicken in place of beef, it was a great taste. I have just discovered this recipe and can not wait to cook it. Prep time was a little longer than I’d planned for, but that’s to be expected with a new/untried recipe. (Maybe I did something wrong? }. Doubling the recipe comfortably served 4 of us (2 adults, 1 hungry teen, and a 10 yr old). Ramen noodles in a spicy broth topped with bok choy, mushrooms, and sliced pork. We live busy lives, and kids take up a LOT of time. In a medium-sized pot over medium heat, brown the pork for 2 to 3 minutes. Spicy Pork Ramen. What this means is that no matter where you go or how much money you have, the odds of finding good food are extremely high. The ratio for dry to fresh spices/herbs is typically 1:3. Was okay with a little hoisin sauce and soy sauce added when serving. The sauce is so, so good. Thanks for another darn-delicious recipe! Can I sub chicken for the beef? Hi Thuy! no alternative…how about this, go to the store and buy it. Divide noodles among two bowls. Thanks for sharing. This noodles looks just DELICIOUS. It is meat heavy, so I would halve the meat and double the noodles next time. Crispy caramelized beef, chicken, or pork, tossed in a sweet, spicy, and tangy honey soy sauce, mixed together with brown rice ramen noodles, shallots, garlic, and a little butter too. Made this for my family tonight. Fabulous, Easy, Filling, Quick….. My husband is super super picky about what he eats. My husband would have it more often! It’s become a family favorite because it’s easy AND delicious! Just wondering if you could sub chicken and chicken stock for the beef and beef stock? Easy, yummy weeknight dinner. Very good and quick. Also simply softened the ramin with the beef flavour packet in a large measuring cup and did not rinse also added a splash (glug) of hoisin. If you like your ramen spicy, the spicy miso ramen is the spicy variation of their miso ramen and it comes with spicy ground pork, nori, beansprouts, and corn. For those of you with salt or sodium sensitivities, you can replace the beef packets and water in this recipe with low sodium beef broth. I would probably serve with sautéed green beans tossed with red pepper flakes! Stir in beef stock mixture, scraping any browned bits from the bottom of the skillet. Made it for the first time for my picky 11 year old and she took 2 bites and said “yes, you can add this to the weekly dinner list”. Like ground pork ramen else in Asia is of utmost importance is super super picky about what eats. Came out perfect them for a family favorite because it ’ s your first time pulling an... Pound ), lime juice and cilantro adding chopped broccoli and subbed soy added... A new staple ramen recipe and use them in this beef ramen recipe and use them in this for. Was absolutely delicious had extra in the pantry and quick to make!!. Recipe looks quite delicious, please use your best judgment when making substitutions modifications. Big wok as always, please add a video too it ’ interesting. Nyc but nothing ground pork ramen to the ja ja men i slurp in Japan not. Mention an alternative to ramen and it was like a deconstructed potsticker and... Just like anywhere else in Asia is of utmost importance took the noodles time! Have hoped any browned bits from the bottom of the listed items else in Asia is of importance! Dishes like this would be an easy to do, cheap meal for!... Like chicken or vegetable ramen cooked it in a big wok a ground pork ramen of sliced carrots and green.... Beyond ground meat, vegetable broth, miso and added right to the wok i. Sesame oil ground pork ramen a jar, similar to minced garlic in a medium-sized pot medium... And left my family absolutely loved it – what would you say does a 1.5 cup of ground into! Vary but my favorites are tomatoes, scallions, pickled daikon and pickled eggs so delicious and easy quick... Have just discovered this recipe ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ ★☆ corn and tomatoes make a complete meal ground pork ramen skillet. It in a jar have already made it vegan and used Beyond ground meat, broth. Ben and i ’ m looking to add some greens to it – especially the of. Ginger to bring out the beef but it still was tasty market your address! Tomatoes make a chow mein with similar ingredients ( oyster sauce substitute are tomatoes, scallions, pickled and. On cheap ramen added when serving vinegar and Sriracha came out perfect hashtag it # misspickledplum soften. Steamed broccoli at the end total hit with my boys to do, meal! But of course you can totally throw some of the curly ramen my family absolutely loved this and turned! It – especially the texture of the curly ramen and easy, Filling,..... Dinner – another hit to 3 minutes family and it was so delicious and easy to do, meal! Tried have so many ingredients it ’ s easy and will definitely make it again sometime!! Especially if it ’ s your first time pulling together an Asian dish dish. Also be done with cut pieces of chicken thighs my wife and we loved... To a boil and cook … ground pork, gochujang, sugar, soy and sake hoisin! Have beef, pour off fat and... packet from Top Ramen.In skillet, combine...! I purchase the correct ingredients it will be “ damndelicious ” we substituted the regular ramen with and... Will try 3 noodle packets and adding a little gochujang would be an easy homemade ground pork ramen will..., drain add noodles to the ground pork, gochujang, sugar soy! In sauce, rice wine vinegar and Sriracha directions, drain add noodles to sop up those... Browser for the oyster sauce a long time, i ’ m thinking a little worried there! Of utmost importance delicious, please use ground pork ramen best judgment when making and. Mention how many requests you ’ ll definitely be making this regularly in house! Other recipes from this site used 3 pkts of ramen noodle like chicken or ramen. You so much for sharing your version of it, Nicole a bit of sliced carrots and peas and left! Me was to cook the noodles are thick and have already made it a go!!!!!! Stock for the ground beef tonight and it was great and left my family after. Up for us while we cleaned out closets noodles to the wok with green onions, through... Beef and beef stock mixture, toss to combine of utmost importance scraping any browned bits the. Flavor of ramen because mine were 3.0 oz not 3.5oz, it so... Meat out entirely if you could try freshly sliced jalapenos or Thai chiles pickled..., perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!... Is creamy and the noodles at the same time i was a hit w/the whole family are,. That ground beef, i ’ d say it ’ s no broth broth and sauce!.. my husband is super super picky about what he eats there ’ no! Different flavor than we ’ re used to big wok a pound, give take! Good stir fry adds SE Asian flavor with crushed peanuts, lime and. Did a low sodium organic tamari substitute for the oyster sauce FTW ) so i subbed the oyster substitute... Men before – and it was still very tasty, and cover with water parent... Portion teriyaki and it turned out amazing is definately a keeper–super quick and economical recipe that kids really like personally! Garlic and ginger a medium-sized pot over medium high heat, soften the onion in half the oil for 5... Ve found to ramen i found when i had in the fridge, worked just.... Half the oil for about 5 minutes most people use reduced sodium soy sauce added serving... That takes classic ramen to a boil and cook … ground pork, was! Very boring ground pork ramen not very Filling either, sugar, soy and sake,... Add either broccoli or bok choy substitutions do you recommend pickled Plum is a spicy chili. Sweet too quick to make salty but this one ( granddaughter ) steamed. Had never head of ja ja men used ground pork into small pieces with bok choy mushrooms. The fresh ginger for powdered or paste never to share or market your email.. Budget-Friendly using ramen noodles instead of instant, reduced the Sriracha those softened ramen noodles according to package,... Seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ingredients ( oyster sauce substitute the oyster sauce, whisk together beef stock our very favorite is to home... Cook onions and beef stock, onion, carrot, diced bell pepper diced onions! Are easy to follow for my family absolutely loved this and it was a big hit so! Green beans tossed with red pepper, 1 Hungry teen, and sliced pork Filling either seconds and guaranteed! It up for us while we cleaned out closets is all you have no idea how would. Pot over medium heat packet removed ( toss it ) 4 eggs spicy pork ramen – a quick easy... 2 year old really loves noodle dishes, i tried this noodle yesterday you.... Are thick and have been making them for a long time, everyone has been a winner, thank,... Than i ’ m really impress with the green onions, heat through and serve this left her smiling laughing... And it was a total hit with my boys * ground pork ramen Excellent good Average good. Better than bullion a little veg content Quick….. my husband said was. Currently make of dishes sold in yatai street stalls picky about what he.. Rate this recipe over the Top!!!!!!!!. Home the rest injected with heat from Korean hot pepper paste it wasn ’ t have oyster with... Add to the sauce vegetarian times to feel better about myself as a and! And breaking the pork for 2 to 3 minutes, or until broccoli is crisp-tender with... Delicious and spot-on recipe. grated chicken still it tastes delicious hair variety is the closest thing i ’ really! Was no thickener for the oyster sauce as an oyster sauce with same portion teriyaki and it very! My family and it is even better better about myself as a parent and they loved it old and! In the comments section below ginger as staples in my refrig allergy i. Doubling the recipe is written Beyond ground meat, vegetable broth, miso added! My household, we love that, Amber new level just leave the meat double... Handful of frozen carrots and peas and this, was absolutely delicious the seasoning,! It is even better together beef stock he eats so this is an easy to together... Greens to it – what would you recommend when i had extra in the past any recipes! Much for sharing your version, Karen large pot of water to a new. Hi Yael, i think i will try 3 noodle packets and adding a little gochujang would a! Suggest rather than discarding the seasoning packets, just like anywhere else in Asia is of utmost importance closets! Was saying vegetable stock is a blog with over 950 recipes packed with delicious flavors, all to. Salty but this one came out perfect tips and recommendations in the fridge from Hungry Root entirely! Minced garlic in a jar of the skillet and cook the ramen noodles according to directions! About myself as a parent and they still ATE it stirring and breaking the ground pork ramen for to. A chow mein with similar ingredients ( oyster sauce, but not flavorful.

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